Treasure Coast Beaches: 9 Scenic Spots Near Fort Pierce

Nov 7, 2021


Welcome to La Casita Megandina's guide to the breathtaking Treasure Coast Beaches near Fort Pierce. If you're seeking stunning coastal views, powdery white sand, and a wide range of recreational activities, you've come to the right place. Explore our curated list of 9 scenic spots that are perfect for a memorable beach vacation.

1. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is a true gem situated along the Treasure Coast. This picturesque park offers pristine beaches, nature trails, and excellent opportunities for bird watching. Spend the day swimming, picnicking, or simply soaking up the sun on the miles of beautiful coastline.

2. Pepper Park Beach

Pepper Park Beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. With its calm waters, it's a perfect spot for families to enjoy a relaxing day by the sea. The park also features picnic areas, BBQ grills, and playgrounds, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled beach outing.

3. Walton Rocks Beach

If you're a dog lover, you won't want to miss Walton Rocks Beach. This pet-friendly beach allows your furry friends to roam off-leash and enjoy the sand and surf. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline or bring your fishing gear for some angling adventures.

4. Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach is a hidden gem that offers a serene and tranquil setting. The unspoiled shoreline provides a peaceful escape from the crowds, allowing visitors to relax and unwind. Take a long walk along the beach and marvel at the breathtaking coastal vistas.

5. Pepper Beach Park

Located on North Hutchinson Island, Pepper Beach Park is a pristine natural playground. With its crystal-clear waters and soft sand, this beach is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Explore the nearby sand dunes and keep an eye out for seashells that wash ashore.

6. Jaycee Park Beach

Jaycee Park Beach is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. This well-maintained park offers a host of amenities, including picnic areas, volleyball courts, and fishing opportunities. Take a dip in the inviting waters or simply relax on the beach and watch the boats sail by.

7. Blind Creek Beach

Blind Creek Beach is a designated clothing-optional beach where visitors can embrace a liberating experience. Enjoy the vast expanse of sandy shores, soak up the sun, and take a refreshing dip in the ocean. This secluded beach provides the perfect setting for relaxation and privacy.

8. Round Island Beach Park

Round Island Beach Park offers a unique coastal experience with its stunning views and diverse ecosystems. Explore the hiking trails that wind through the dunes and discover the park's abundant wildlife. Don't forget your camera – this spot is a photographer's paradise!

9. Frederick Douglass Beach Park

Frederick Douglass Beach Park is a hidden treasure nestled along the shores of the Indian River Lagoon. This quiet beach offers breathtaking sunsets and refreshing breezes. Take advantage of the fishing pier and enjoy a day filled with angling adventures.

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Escape to the Treasure Coast Beaches near Fort Pierce and immerse yourself in the beauty of Florida's scenic coastline. La Casita Megandina invites you to create lasting memories while indulging in the natural wonders of this spectacular destination. Plan your beach vacation with us today and experience the ultimate coastal getaway.

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Beautiful beach spots!
Oct 4, 2023