Connecticut Coast Vacation Guide to Top Things to Do

Jan 7, 2021

Welcome to our comprehensive Connecticut Coast vacation guide, brought to you by La Casita Megandina. Discover the beauty and charm of Connecticut's stunning coastline while indulging in a wide range of exciting activities and attractions. Whether you're a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, the Connecticut Coast has something for everyone. Let us be your guide to an unforgettable vacation experience.

Exploring Natural Beauty

One of the highlights of the Connecticut Coast is its breathtaking natural beauty. From picturesque beaches to stunning state parks, there are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Don't miss the chance to visit Hammonasset Beach State Park, a true gem along the coast. With its pristine sandy beaches, hiking trails, and abundant wildlife, it's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Historic Splendor

For history buffs, the Connecticut Coast is a treasure trove of historic sites and landmarks. Visit the charming town of Mystic, home to the world-renowned Mystic Seaport Museum. Step back in time as you explore the fascinating maritime history of the region and witness the beauty of classic sailing vessels. Take a walk along the historic streets of Old Saybrook, where you'll find numerous beautifully preserved colonial buildings.

Family-Friendly Fun

Planning a family getaway? The Connecticut Coast offers an array of family-friendly attractions and activities. Head to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, where you can marvel at a variety of sea creatures and even take a boat tour to spot whales in the Long Island Sound. Visit the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat for a unique experience, combining a scenic train ride with a leisurely riverboat cruise.

Art and Culture

The Connecticut Coast boasts a vibrant art and culture scene, with numerous galleries, museums, and cultural events. Explore the innovative exhibitions at the Yale University Art Gallery, one of the oldest and most distinguished art museums in the country. Immerse yourself in the world of performing arts at the Goodspeed Opera House, known for its Broadway-caliber shows in a charming setting.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities for adventure along the Connecticut Coast. Embark on a kayaking expedition along the picturesque Thimble Islands in Branford or go hiking in Bluff Point State Park, offering stunning views of Long Island Sound. If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at windsurfing or paddleboarding in the calm waters of Clinton Town Beach.

Delicious Dining

No visit to the Connecticut Coast is complete without indulging in its renowned culinary scene. Sample fresh seafood at one of the many waterfront restaurants or explore the vibrant food truck culture in New Haven. Don't forget to try the famous New Haven-style pizza, known for its thin, coal-fired crust and unique toppings. Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey you won't soon forget.

Events and Festivals

The Connecticut Coast is alive with events and festivals throughout the year. Plan your visit during the annual Mystic Irish Parade, an exciting celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Experience live music, delicious food, and thrilling rides at the Connecticut River Valley Bluegrass Festival. From art festivals to oyster festivals, there's always something exciting happening along the coast.


With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, family-friendly attractions, vibrant arts and culture scene, outdoor adventures, delicious dining, and exciting events, the Connecticut Coast offers a truly unforgettable vacation experience. Let La Casita Megandina be your trusted companion as you explore the wonders of the coast. Book your stay with us and enjoy the comfort and convenience of our vacation rentals. Discover everything the Connecticut Coast has to offer and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Scott Finnesgard
This vacation guide is so helpful! I'm really excited to explore the stunning Connecticut Coast and try out all the amazing activities it offers. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and informative guide. Can't wait to plan my getaway and experience the beauty and charm of the coastline!
Nov 12, 2023
Matt Koukol
Such an informative and helpful guide! Can't wait to explore the beautiful Connecticut Coast and enjoy all it has to offer.
Oct 17, 2023